Setting up Klipper – Let’s play

Like OctoPrint, klipper will run in it’s own dedicated virtual environment. We will setup a user for it to run as (klipper) and grant that the limited rights that it needs to run. Setup user account Option 1) Using the automated scripts… Setup Klipper by the automated scripts and install with Python2 Allow sudo access… Continue reading Setting up Klipper – Let’s play

Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi from Scratch

Step 0 – Pi Preparation Create an SD Card (using a “lite” image) Enable Wifi & SSH for headless access Change Pi passwd Step 1 – Configure Pi Disable Auto-Login Set Pi Hostname Reboot Step 2 – Change Pi Username (optional) Change Pi username Login with new User Step 3 – Install OctoPrint Step 0… Continue reading Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi from Scratch

The importance of testing

Be it with a test circuit, or a simulator, test everything. Some things are so glaringly obvious that you don’t need to, but when it comes to power electronics, I cannot overstate the need for reading the data sheets. MOSFETs (Metal Oxise Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors – try saying that after a few drinks) are… Continue reading The importance of testing

Blog site added

The cliched web-blog has been added to bring my presence into the 21st century!